Rotor Stator

Rotor Stators are high shear mixers that incorporate both a rotor and a stationary stator.  Product is forced through the gap of the rotor stator often at high speeds creating a final homogenous blend.

The Myers single shaft mixers models 775 or 800 are often used with a rotor stator blade for light to medium viscous products.  High viscosity materials use the rubber cutter on a Myers Dual or Tri-Shaft mixer.

In 1955 Myers developed an advanced version of the rotor stator, referred to as a rubber cutter for extreme conditions in primarily the adhesive industry.

The Myers rubber cutter is a high speed mixer using a serrated cutter with rugged angular teeth rotating from 1500 to 5000 feet per minute tip speed.  This occurs inside a stator that also has large keen-edged teeth.  The rotating teeth are set in a right angle plane to the stationary teeth.

Download the Rubber Cutter PDF.