White Papers and Articles

Chemical and Physical Properties of Inorganic Pigments as They Relate to Coatings Dispersions

AS SEEN IN: Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine (PCI) – November 2015

WHAT’S INSIDE: An overview of the role of pigments in coatings formulations, and how the properties of pigments should be taken into consideration when dispersing paints and coatings.

This article is also featured in PCI Magazine China Edition April 2016. Click here to read.



Pre-Dispersion Equipment Engineer for Lightweight Adhesive Fillers

AS SEEN IN: Adhesives & Sealants Industry Magazine (ASI) – August 2015

WHAT’S INSIDE: An innovative dispersion technology assists in the homogenization of highly filled adhesives.



Mixing and Dispersion of Hollow Glass Microsphere Products

AS SEEN IN: Hollow Glass Microspheres for Plastics, Elastomers, and Adhesive Compounds, 1st Edition – Published May 2015 (Elsevier)

WHAT’S INSIDE: A comprehensive guide to mixing and dispersing hollow glass microspheres in high viscosity systems, from theory to application.



Two-Part Adhesives and Application Equipment

AS SEEN IN: Adhesives & Sealants Industry Magazine (ASI) – April 2015

WHAT’S INSIDE: Many different starting materials are available in the formulation of two-part adhesives, all of which will require a variety of mixing, dispensing, and application methods.


Mixing and Dispersing Silicones

AS SEEN IN:  Adhesives & Sealants Industry Magazine (ASI) – August 2014

WHAT’S INSIDE: Proper care during the mixing process ensures that time and energy input is minimized while the utility of the formulation is optimized.

This article is also featured in ASI Magazine China Edition September 2014. Click here to read.



Plant Quality and Safety

AS SEEN IN:  Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine (PCI) – July 2014

WHAT’S INSIDE: Dispersion Equipment as it Relates to Plant Quality and Safety.

This article is also featured in PCI Magazine China Edition September 2014. Click here to read.



A Cut Above: Myers’ Patented Rubber Cutter and Dissolver 

AS SEEN IN: Adhesives & Sealants Industry Magazine (ASI) – April 2004

WHAT’S INSIDE: A more efficient preparation of rubber-based adhesives through high-speed rubber cutting and dissolving.