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MYERS – The Company and Its History

MYERS Mixers has become a trusted name in thousands of processing plants around the world.  What makes this unique company such a trusted name in the mixing industry is its commitment to quality and the needs of its customers.  The company’s motto has always been, “if you build a good piece of machinery, your customers will come back again and again,” and so they have.

MYERS was founded by C.K. “Bud” Myers in the early 1940’s.  Bud kept machines running in several defense plants during World War II.  At the war’s end, he was installing and repairing mixing equipment.  At the urging of customers, he built his own slow speed mixers and agitators with large open impeller blades.  Historically, Bud’s two sons have carried on engineering, manufacturing, and the day-to-day operation.  Today, a new generation is at the helm ready to take the company into its next fifty years of success.

The MYERS equipment line includes laboratory size mixing units from 2 HP to production units up to 300 HP.  The product line incorporates the simplicity of light mixing or dispersing and let down applications, to some of the most complex, high viscosity processors on the market today.

As a leader in dual shaft and triple shaft designs, MYERS has perfected application needs from medium to extremely high viscosity products.  Mixers and tanks are jointly engineered adhering to strict code and specification requirements.  Each machine is manufactured to meet the specific needs of individual processes and the needs of the customer.

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