Dual Shaft Model 850 Series

Dual Shaft High Speed Disperser available in laboratory to production sizes

  • Provides improvements in product quality and production time.
  • Laboratory to production sizes available.

This dual shaft mixer has four overlapping blades for fast, extra fine dispersion. It is predominately used in paint and coating industries, but other applications can benefit from the characteristics of this machine.

Download the 850 Case Study and Performance Review PDF

850 Case Study and Performance Review PDF – en Espanol

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  • Hoist or tank mounted
  • Vacuum and non-vacuum
  • Faster pigment loading                  
  • Better, faster dispersion
  • Improved particle size

The Model 850 is often used to incorporate calcium carbonate and fillers for pre-mix applications.  Fillers immediately wet out, reducing the pre-mix time to a marginal step in the production process.  This time savings can increase daily production by several batches. The overlapping blades are rotating in the same direction.  Where they overlap, they rotate directly opposite to each other.  The tip speed is doubled, thus giving an opposing action with extremely high sheer.

A single motor unit can have up to 200 HP with variable speed on each shaft.  Dual motors are used on larger units with up to 100 HP on each shaft.  With two motors there is less starting load and less expensive starting equipment.  With separate motors, individual speed control can be provided for each shaft, offering flexibility in batch processing.