Basket Mill Model M850


The M850 basket mill improves particle size and narrows particle distribution.  It is a submersible media mill that uses the force of dense grinding media and product flow to achieve particle size reduction.

  • allows for a one-tank process
  • eliminates pumps, hoses, and extra mix tanks
  • production sizes
  • laboratory sizes

The unique design of the Myers’ mill allows independent speed control of both the media and batch agitators, giving greater flexibility and process control.

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  • One tank process
  • 304 S/S wetted parts
  • No pumps and hoses
  • Reduced milling time
  • Increased pigment strength
  • Faster cleanup
  • Dual shaft design allows for greater flexibility for a wider range of batch sizes.
  • Foot bearing and seals are not required, reducing maintenance issues.
  • Less heat build up due to the cooling shroud surrounding the mill chamber.

M850 Basket Mill Concept and Operation Details PDF

M850 Basket Mill Conceptos Y Operacion – en Espanol PDF

Application:   Beaded Carbon Black milled on horizontal mill

Problem:   Excessive time for milling process and particle distribution exceeded minimum requirements.

Solution:  Changed milling process to Myers basket mill using a 15 liter bead chamber for a 500 liter batch.

Results:   Reduced milling time by 60% over horizontal mill and improved.