Hydraulic Ram Discharge Press

When products are highly viscous or thixotropic, a discharge press is used to evacuate the product under pressure.  Myers manufacturers three basic designs of discharge rams:

  • Platform – Ram/P
  • Floor Level – Ram/F
  • Lift to Discharge – Ram/L

See tabs below for details about each type of ram.

You may want to see our special discharge press for 55 gallon drums.



Discharge rams are available from laboratory to large scale applications and are designed and manufactured for heavy duty, rugged applications. Built with the highest standards of engineering and quality.

Rams are designed for a basic discharge pressure of 45 PSI, though higher pressures are obtainable with custom designs. A heavy follower plate is lowered into the mixing tub by a hydraulic ram, powered by an air or electric motor activating an oil pump.

  • Tanks can range between 10" and 72" in diameter
  • Pneumatic motor is standard up to 36"
  • Electric motor is standard 36" and above
  • Base plates are available in carbon steel or stainless steel construction
  • Uniform extrusion
  • Precise hydraulic operation


Problem: A laboratory formulator had several products that varied in viscosity and batch size.  In order to meet the needs of its customers it was imperative that a system was versatile, high quality, and accurate.

Solution:  Myers developed a multi-staged ram system that allowed for numerous sizes of press plates and special tanks.



Platform – Ram/P – The platform press is designed with a structural steel framework and horizontal platform to support the customer’s mix tank.  The filled tank is positioned into the ram frame via a fork lift, and secured.  The press plate descends into the tank via hydraulic pressure, discharging the product directly into drums, pails, or filling machines.

Download the RAM/P PDF here.


Floor Level – Ram/F – The floor level press is easy to use.  The filled tank is placed into the ram frame at floor level, either rolled or via a fork lift, positioned, and secured. Discharge is generally made to feed a filling machine which could required a pump between the press and the filling machine.


Lift to Discharge – Ram/L –  Built of structural steel framework, here tanks are positioned under the press plate and locked into place.  The base is raised to a predetermined height and held there during the discharging operation. The product transfers to the desired containers or filling units.


A special style of Ram/F designed to accommodate and discharge your 55 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail, or any size standard container. The material is discharges from the holding vessel via outlet in the head of the ram press platen. From viscous raw materials to heated applications for hot melts, a drum press can be tailored to your specific needs.


See 55-gallon Drum RAM Press sheet