Hot Melt Mixer Dual Shaft Model 550AI

Hot melt adhesive (HMA), also known as hot glue, is a form of thermoplastic adhesive.   Myers designed and manufactured a custom epoxy resin mixer to handle these hot melt epoxies for a specific customer’s needs.  The unit processes the 15,000 centipoise material in a hoist-mounted dual shaft mixer.  It is equipped with a slow speed sweep blade to move product off the tank wall, coupled with a high speed disperser blade for homogeneous mixing.

A carbon steel pail holder and electric heating system are designed to heat 5 gallons of  resin from 140ºF to 195ºF /200ºF in approximately 10 minutes, and heat 5 gallons of hot melt from 140ºF to 350ºF in approximately 20 minutes.

Uses for this machine include epoxy adhesives, adhesive glues, glue gun adhesives, rubber adhesives, wood binder adhesives, paper adhesives and woven  textile adhesives.

This special mixer design allows hot melt resins to heat-up faster, and offers the flexibility of coating woven materials, with fewer steps in the process.

  • Faster heat-up cycles
  • Fewer steps from heating to coating
  • Quicker results
  • Decreased waste
  • Improved profitability

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