600/500 Horizontal Mixer

The Myers Mixers horizontal mixer offers a superior design for reliable operation and exceptional in-service time.

Myers Mixers introduces the 600/500 Series Horizontal Mixer, with up to 900-gallon working capacity. The Myers Mixers horizontal  mixer is well suited for intermediate-speed blending of medium-viscous materials such as adhesives and viscous coatings.

8 bolt-on-style axial turbine blades homogenize the batch with minimal shear. Bolted end allows access for simplified maintenance and cleaning.

Designed flexibility can allow for 500 – 1500 FPM (feet per minute blade tip speed) to accommodate mixing modalities from gentle folding to light shear, and viscosities from 20,000 cP to 750,000 cP.

Industries and applications include:

– Caulking

– Adhesives

– Sealants

– Joint Compounds