Agitators Model 500 Series

The Model 500 agitator is a heavy duty machine that can mix low to moderate viscosity products.  Tips speeds of this unit typically range from 300 to 1200 feet per minute.  Shaft and impeller designs vary based on application parameters and desired results.   Blades are typically chosen to move large volumes of material for blending or suspension.

This unit is shown using an open bowtie blade suitable for heavy ink base products, improving grind and shear qualities in the mixing process.

This type of agitator is commonly used for let down, blending, tinting, solid suspension, absorption, reaction, extraction, heat transfer, and in holding tanks with mild agitation to prevent settling.


  •  5 to 100 HP
  • 300 to 1200 FPM typical tip speeds
  •  Sizes from laboratory to 8,000 gallon
  •  Air-over-oil or electrical hydraulic lift
  • Open impeller choices for faster blending
  •  Slow speed mixers for low to medium viscosity products
  •  Hoist-mounted or tank-mounted
  •  Vacuum or non-vacuum
  • Round or square tanks can be used
  •  Designs can be custom fit for vapor and dust collections



EMyers Machines Setup in Platn Mvc-013f aspect ratio fix

Shown here is a bank of slow speed tank-mounted agitators mixing low viscosity products.  Used for let down (thinning), blending, and tinting.