Tank Mounted Units – 600 Series

The Myers 600 Series allows the majority of Myers mixers and disperser designs to be tank-mounted for stationary tank applications.  Tank-mounted units take up less space and speed production when the same product is made over and over.

  • A limited-lift impeller can be used for raising and lowering the impeller during mixing for better batch control. This allows for smaller batches as the impeller can be lowered deep within the tank.

Many features are common to the Myers line of mixing units, including those that are tank mounted, such as:

  • 3 HP to 300 HP
  • Vacuum or non-vacuum
  • Jacketed tanks
  • Cone bottom and flat bottom tanks
  • Single and multi-shaft designs
  • Reactor units

This application shows large single shaft vacuum reactors installed through the floor.  Tank volume is 2400 gallons.  The units are driven via variable frequency drives and use electric/hydraulic dual hoists with limited lifts.